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  IPRO Tech
  • Client Viewer License "Case Management Software"

    IPRO View is an innovative document-viewing program that uses an advanced project navigation system and a powerful mix of features. Because it can be installed locally, across a network, or via an Internet connection, several different users can review documents simultaneously, saving time while increasing the quality of review.

    The IPRO Boundary view provides a graphical representation of document organization, allowing you to easily navigate between documents, folders, and boxes. Using the intuitive menu, you can then search, retrieve, issue tag, redact, and annotate images while reviewing. Also, the program's document search engine incorporates a natural-language linguistic search of your documents, allowing your computer to "think like you do" and "understand" what you're searching for, resulting in more accurate and precise results.

  • IPRO Eclipse "Case Management Software"

    More than just a litigation database, IPRO Eclipse gives you the power to effectively control all aspects of your case from capture to production through a single Discovery Management application. It allows you to focus on the case, not the technology.

  CT Summation
  • iBlaze "Case Management Software"

    CT Summation iBlaze Product Family. Power and portability are yours with our premium, award-winning technology and proprietary litigation support solution. This software, designed for the desktop or laptop, helps you efficiently manage case information such as transcripts and documents with the benefits of full-text imaging/PDF support, OCR on-the-fly, electronic evidence support and comprehensive production tools. Work where you need to-at the office or on the road, through a local network or offline-simply by downloading case information to your laptop.

    CT Summation's award-winning iBlaze product provides you with a comprehensive set of case tools and the simplicity of an all-in-one solution. America's #1 litigation support software, iBlaze 2.9 now features intuitive toolbars that streamline discovery review and case preparation. The latest version of iBlaze also introduces color highlighting to its already robust set of transcript management tools, which include Real-time instantaneous transcript feeds, easy creation of digests and witness examination outlines, quick exhibit and evidence linking, and the ability to search across multiple transcripts simultaneously.


  InData Software
  • Trial Director "Trial Presentation Software"

    Imagine your next trial… the jury hangs on your every word. Your organized, insightful presentation has never been better. You confront the opposition's witness with impeaching exhibits. You're using TrialDirector!

    Every day, attorneys and litigation support professionals are adopting TrialDirector trial presentation software to organize exhibits and depositions, prepare their cases for trial, and enhance their case presentations. They know that TrialDirector is 'rock solid', adaptable, and that it won't let them down or embarrass them in court.


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Small Format Scanners
  • Canon Scanners
    Model # DR-SERIES

  • Fuijistu Scanners
    Model # fi-6670/fi-6770 Series

  • Bell + Howell Scanners
    Model # Truper 3200 Color Scanner

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